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The purpose of the Business Development Partnership (BDP) is to establish strong progressive business relationships with well established Information Technology and System Integrators Companies who have the experience and human and financial capabilities and resources to market, sell, implement, and support Interact HRMS applications. The intent of the BDP is not to develop a large number of resellers, but to develop a small number of business partners that are very well focused, knowledgeable, and committed to our vision and mission and to InteractHRM as a product. The reason for developing such a program is that we know that we cannot cover the whole globe no matter what resources we allocate. Additionally we would like to rely on IT companies with local and regional expertise who have experience with local business practices, specifically in Human Resources Management. Our philosophy behind the development of Interact HRMS is that “We do not sell software, we provide HR Solution and Knowledge.”, the primary driver of any successful business is not the technology, but people and the knowledge they contribute. If you share this philosophy, and have the experience and know-how, then we welcome your application as a potential Business Development Partner.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To become a Business Development Partner of 2Interact, Inc., you need to fulfill specific requirements. Your company need to have a minimum of 4 years experience in delivering IT solutions to mid-range and enterprise clients.  What we mean with IT solutions, is the sale, implementation, development, and deployment of vertical business applications such as ERP, HR, Finance, Manufacturing, Hospital Applications, and others.

  1. Resources.  You need to have the required marketing, sales, and technical resources in place who either have or can acquire the experience of marketing, implementing, and deploying InteractHRM.
  2. Office. You’ll need to have an office with adequate space and a facility to meet with potential clients, conduct demos, and training.
  3. Hardware and Software.  You need to have at least one dedicated server.
  4. Network and Internet.  You need to have your company LAN to which the server will be connected as well as access to the Internet.
  5. Phone. You need to have adequate phone lines for support and teleconferencing including international phone access.
  6. Website. You need to have you own Website with a registered domain name.
  7. Dedicated Support Mail Address.  You need to have a dedicated email address with your domain name which will be used by clients to submit support calls.
  8. Business Plan. You need to submit a Business Plan (see business plan format) which need to be reviewed and approved by 2Interact, Inc.
  9. Business Development Partner Fee.  You need to pay an Initial Business Development Partner Fee.
Business Development Partner Agreement

Once you have met all the requirements and paid the initial BDP fee, you’ll need to sign  the 2Interact Inc, Business Development Partner Agreement which defines the terms and conditions of the BDP arrangement. Once the agreement is signed, then you become a licensed authorized Business Development Partner of 2Interact in a specific region or area within a region. The BDP Agreement is non-exclusive and valid for one year with a specific renewal clause and conditions.

Business Development Partner Support

Once you have met all the requirements and paid the initial BDP fee, and signed the BDP agreement, you’ll become a licensed 2Interact Business Development partner and we will provide you with the following:

Interact Software.   You’ll be provided with a demo license of InteractHRM software with all modules for demonstration and training purposes.  2Interact and Interact logos.  You’ll be able to use 2Interact and InteractHRM Logos in your Website, or company brochures and on other advertisement resources to denote that you are a Certified BDP of 2Interact Inc

  1. Interact© Training: You’ll receive a complete InteractHRM© training for one consultant.
  2. Marketing Resources. You’ll receive marketing resources in electronic format including datasheets, whitepapers, presentation slides, and multimedia demos.
  3. Technical Support. You’ll receive access to the technical support site where you’ll be able to submit support calls and get answers to any problem that you may face in implementing or using InteractHRM products. Additionally, you’ll have access to support by phone, where you can call for product technical support.
  4. Marketing Support.  For large projects that require specific knowledge domain expertise, you can get consulting support up to 5 hours per month. Additional consulting support, if required is charged by day or by hour, depending on whether the consulting service is by phone or someone from 2Interact need to visit you or the client site.
  5. Software Upgrades and Fixes.  You’ll get software upgrades and new releases as released by 2Interact as long as you continue to maintain your BDP license.
  6. Sales Leads. Whenever there are sales leads in your region which we receive through exhibitions, our Web Site, and existing clients referrals, we may refer the sales leads to you.

InteractHRM Software License Pricing and Commission

  1. Pricing of InteractHRM Software license Interact© HR Business Suite is made of a number of applications/products and is the license cost/price to the client is by application, number of employers, number of employees, and number of installations. Pricing for InteractHRM software license is provide per project/client. Once you have commenced a discussion with a potential client a Cost Proposal Form need to be completed and submitted and the price for the license will be provided electronically.
  2. Software License BDP Commission.  On every sale of InteractHRM software or product that you make as a BDP, you’ll get a percentage on the sales value.
Business Development Partner Annual Renewal

The initial BDP fee covers one year of support. After which you need to renew your license, which requires reevaluation of your performance as a partner as well a payment of the BDP annual renewal fee. Failure to pay the annual BDP renewal fee, will terminate you Partnership License and you cannot market, sale, or user InteractHRM software.

BDP Business Plan Format

You’ll need to prepare and submit a Business Plan with your BDP.Application which can be found in www.2interact.us. The business plan format is as follows:

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Company Address including Street Address, City, and Country
  • Company Main Phone Number
  • Company Main Fax Number
  • Company Website (URL)
  • Company Domain Name
  • Company Main eMail Address
  • Company Managing Director Name
  • Managing Director Phone Number
  • Managing Director eMail Address
  • Brief Profile of the Company
  • Number of Years in the IT Business
  • What is your Business Focus?
  • Brief Description of IT Services
  • If you’re a VAR, describe the Application Software for which you are a VAR
  • If you are a software reseller, list the software applications for which you are a reseller
  • Number of Employees and Breakdown by:
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Technical
    • Administrative
    • Support
  • What Vertical Software Applications you have sold in the past and for which you have conducted a complete implementation and deployment.
  • How many clients do you currently have? List only those clients to whom you have sold and implemented vertical software applications (e.g., ERP, Finance, HR, etc.)
  • Are you currently reselling any HR software? If yes describe.
  • Describe your strengths as an IT company.
  • Describe your weaknesses as an IT company.
  • What are your core values as a Business?
  • What is your approach to marketing and sale of vertical application software?
  • Provide the revenues you have achieved from the sale and implementation of software products during the last 3 years by year.
  • To what market by industry you are intending to market InteractHRM products?
  • What are your sales projection of InteractHRM software for the next 3 years by year and quarter within each year?
  • What are the resources you intending to allocate to InteractHRM? Breakdown by:
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Technical
    • Administrative
    • Support
  • Provide a Brief Statement as to why we should select you as a Business Development Partner

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