Interact SSAS

Social security administration system

System Manager
Registration Management
Social Security Number Management and Tracking
ID Card Management
Employer Management
  • Advanced Activation and Deactivation of Employer’s Status
  • Workflow Driven Activation & Deactivation Requests
  • Configurable Supporting Documents Requirements
  • Integration with Compliance and Delinquency Management
  • Detailed Reporting and Alerts
Contributions Filing and Payments Management
Receivables Management
  • Invoice any Customer (Employer or Individual)
  • Invoice for any Item (Product, Service, Loan, Legal Fees, etc.)
  • Invoice Recurring or One-Time Charges
  • Process Partial or Full Payment
  • Integration with Contributions Filing and Penalties Management
Cash Register Management and Receipt Processing
  • Assign and Schedule Cashiers to Cash Register
  • Receives Payment for Contributions & Penalties
  • Receives Payment for Arrears against Payment Agreements
  • Supports Multiple Transactions in one Payment
  • Provides Detailed & Configurable Receipts
Penalties Management
  • Penalty Calculation Rules
  • Recurring & One-Time Penalties
  • Penalty Notice Approval, Rejection & Cancellation Workflow
  • Advanced Penalty Policy Definition
  • Automatic or Manual Penalty Invoking
  • Monetary & Non-Monetary Penalties
Benefit Claims and Payments Management
Payables Management
  • Advanced Internal Controls
  • Additional Audit Trail
  • Workflow-Driven Payment Process
  • Approve, Reject or Cancel Payable Vouchers
  • Avoid Duplicate Payments
  • Pay Employers and Beneficiaries
Social Security Statement Management
  • Comprehensive Confdigurable Social Security Statement
  • Covers Demographics, Contributions History and Benefit Entitlement Projections
  • Fully Configurable Statement Explanatory Text and Calculations
  • Block 1: Demographics and Explanations
  • Block 2: Estimated Benefits and Explanations
  • Block 3: Estimated Retirement Benefits
  • Block 4: Earnings Record
Compliance Management
Delinquency Management
KYC Management
  • Define any Documents and Information Segments for KYC
  • Ensure Up-to-Date Customer Documentation and Information
  • Mitigate and Eliminate Document and Information Fraud
  • Workflow Driven Processing of all Document and Information Updates
  • e-Services for Updating Documents and Information
  • Audit Trail for all Updates
Medical Record Management
Documents Tracking and Management
GL Interface
Employer Electronic Record
Employee Electronic Record
Beneficiary Electronic Record

Interact HRMS

Human resources management system

Budgeting, Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding
Human Resources Administration
Benefits Management
Compensation and Payroll
Leave, Time & Attendance Management
Self Service
Talent Management
System Modules
Reporting and Analytics
Compliance Management (US-Only)


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