Guiding Principle

Interact HRMS and Interact SSAS software are both backed by a highly experienced and dedicated team of consultants, the Interact Implementation Consultants, Interact Technical Support Staff, Software Development Engineers, Training Consultants, and other highly trained and knowledgeable staff. When you partner with 2Interact, Inc.,  you’ll have an integrated team of support staff to provide your organization with the effective streamlined support needed to ensure high availability, high performance, and high reliability of the Interact HRMS or Interact SSAS solution deployed within your organization. We provide technology solutions to improve your business processes. Our technology is not a goal in and of itself and is not provided as a stand alone solution, instead it consists of knowledge domain expertise and software engineering expertise, combined with extensive support before, during, and post implementation/deployment. Depending on the needs of your organization, a number of support plans have been designed and are available for your organization to ensure that the desired performance and quality standards are met.


The support model that we use is technology driven and virtual, which means that we do not have just one support center with specific office hours. Since our clients exist in all time-zones, we provide support in all time-zones too through our virtual support center. The model is simple: As an Interact HRMS or Interact SSAS user, you are provided with a User-Id and Password, and you login to the Interact Support Page, where you’ll provide a brief description of the issue or desired support. This action will automatically generate a support ticket, which is automatically routed to the Interact Support Staff with the expertise to handle your issue. Depending on the type of support plan you’ve subscribed to, you’ll get an Action Notice by eMail, giving you either the response, or an estimated time within which you’ll receive the response to the support issue you have submitted. An escalation process is built into the support system, so that if the issue is not resolved within the a pre-defined response period, the issue is escalated to another support group for immediate action. Access to the support over the internet is available 24/7, and you’ll be able to track all your support calls. With this support model, you’ll have 24/7 access to a number of virtual support centers, and you are not constrained with office hours and different time-zones, holidays or other obstacles.

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