Human Resources and Administration

InteractHRM is an integrated suite of applications for HR, Payroll, Time, Benefit and Talent Management.   The main objective of using an application like InteractHRM is to reduce the admininstrative workload which weighs on HR and Payroll departments and to do this by involving as many users as possible with the data-entry to get the information in the system.  Once the relevant data is in the system, then the InteractHRM application can take over and depending on how much logic and structure has been defined in the original setup, it can start automating things for you and applying the rules of the policies defined.  As a user you have a choice whether you want to use a very basic rollout of Interact and only use the core modules of HR, which include Job Classification, Organization Management, Hiring and Contract management and the Unified Employee Electronic Record or whether you want to roll out all the other modules too which round out the complete offering.  There are dozens of modules available to manage everything from Employee Assets to Disciplinary Actions and much more and these can be deployed one by one as you gradually expand your use of the system.

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