Talent Management

Interact’s Talent Management suite consists of five key applications which are seamlessly integrated and all share the same base information: Competency Management, Performance Management, Training Management, Succession Planning and Career Planning.  Many modules can be used independently and on their own, but the real power is in the flexibility of configuration of each module and the seamless integration between all the various Talent Management modules.  Competency Management allows the user to define any number of Competencies and group them in Competency Tiers, typically up to 9 Competency Tiers can be defined to support all types of Competencies from Personal Effectiveness Competencies all the way to Leadership Competencies.   Once the Competency Framework has been defined, these Competencies can be linked with specific Training Courses or Higher Education Degrees and different Proficiency Levels can be defined to reflect specific Behavioral Indicators.   Using the Competency Framework a Job Analysis can be done which will create a Competency Profile of a Job, based on which Performance Appraisals can be done, Training Plans can be devised, and decisions can be made regarding Career and Succession Planning for the Employee.

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