Interact HRMS and Interact SSAS Implementation

We provide total implementation and system integration solutions for our Interact HRMS and Interact SSAS products depending on the client needs and requirements. Using our proven structured risk-free implementation methodology, we provide full Implementation and Deployment services including Project Planning, Project Management, Implementation, Training, System Integration, Quality Assurance, Production, Deployment, and Production Support.

Software Globalization

We are a pioneer in software globalization and we have developed a risk-free proven I18N and L10N methodology and associated technologies to globalize software products, both legacy systems as well as application software developed using new technologies..


We provide software development services for medium and large eGovernment software projects. We either use our rapid development business objects framework, or we can use third party frameworks, depending on the client’s requirements..

System Integration

We provide a variety of system integration services including software porting, software upsizing, interfaces development, software testing, software quality assurance and improvement, software performance tuning, and other system integration services.


We provide support for all products that we develop for our clients. Such a support can be as basic as post-production support, or continuous development of the product as well as product quality improvement.

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