We strongly believe that training is the most critical component of the implementation and deployment of the Interact applications. Thus training is an integral part of any Interact HRMS or Interact SSAS implementation project. Our approach to training is based on the following principles:

  • Plan the Training as Early as Possible
  • Make the Training a Milestone in the Project implementation Plan.
  • Focus Training Components on the Client’s Business Processes.
  • Use a Top-Down Approach to Training starting with an Orientation and High Level Overview linked to the Business Process Workflow and Associated Processes.
  • Perform a Pre-Training Assessment
  • Tailor the Training Plan and Contents based on User Needs.
  • Each Client has different needs and requirements.
  • Post-Training Assessment to Measure Results.

Based on the above, we have engineered a systemic training methodology for all Interact HRMS and Interact SSAS applications that ensures that the delivery of training is highly effective and meets specific predefined training goals. Additionally, we have developed a set of Learning Resources in support of Interact HRMS and Interact SSAS Applications’ training. These learning resources include Multimedia Training, Training Presentations, Training Manuals, Pre-Training Assessment Tests, Post-Training Assessment Tests, and other resources. These resources are used to deliver the required training based on the client’s needs. Additionally, we provide training over the internet, where clients and partners can register for specific training session(s), and acquire life-long training using the internet.

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