Employee Electronic Record

Employee Electronic Record

The Employee Electronic Record consolidates all the information from across all Interact SSAS modules in one single location, the Employee Electronic Record.  This multi-tab form provides the user with an immediate view of all critical summary information from all angles and all aspects related to social security on one particular Individual.

If a user still needs further details after reviewing the summary information, they can view this by drilling down into the underlying transactions which generated the information itself or by running the applicable reports.

The following tabs are included in the Employee Electronic Record:

Figure 1: Employee Electronic Record – General

The General Tab, covers the Employee’s Demographic Details such as Name, Mother’s Name, Address and Contact Information, various Social Security Numbers and Identification Numbers as well as a summary History of Contributions Details related data and attachments of supporting Documents.


Figure 2: Employee Electronic Record – Dependents

Since Dependent Information is critical information to capture and maintain in regards to social security matters, the next most important Tab in the Employee Electronic Record form is the Tab for Dependents.  In this tab a summary is provided and the user can click on the record to drill down further and see more information.  At the summary level, the following information is provided:

  • Dependent Social Security Number
  • Dependent Name
  • Dependent Date of Birth
  • Dependent Place of Birth
  • Dependent Age
  • Dependent Gender
  • Dependent Type
  • Living Situation


Figure 3: Employee Electronic Record – Spouses

Current and Former Spouse information is available separately since a Spouse relationship may have other implications in a social security context.  The system provides the following information:

  • Spouse Social Security Number
  • Spouse Name
  • Spouse Date of Birth
  • Spouse Place of Birth
  • Spouse Age
  • Spouse Gender
  • Spouse Nationality
  • Spouse Type
  • Marriage Date
  • Marriage Type
  • Marital Status

As mentioned above, if the user needs to see further details, they can click on the record and obtain the additional information associated with this record as shown below:

Figure 4: Detail on Spouse


Figure 5: Employee Electronic Record – Addresses

An individual may have many addresses over a life-time and for various reasons a Social Security Administration may need to have the history of these Addresses available for consultation during investigations.  Therefore, the address information is readily available in the Employee Electronic Record.

You can find the following information by column:

  • Address Date
  • Home Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • PO BOX
  • Mailing Address
  • Mailing City
  • Mailing State
  • Mailing Zip Code
  • Mailing PO BOX
  • Status (Current/Old)


 Employment History

Figure 6: Employee Electronic Record – Employment History

The data regarding Employment History of an Employee is updated automatically by the system, depending on the transactions processed in the system (i.e. Application to Register as Employee or an ESSRN filing by an Employer, etc.).  The Employment History will show the following data:

  • Employer
  • Job
  • Employment Start Date
  • Employment End Date
  • Hourly Wage
  • Weekly Earning
  • Biweekly Earning
  • Monthly Earning
  • Quarterly Earning
  • Annual Earning
  • Employee Group
  • Pay Cycle
  • Total Social Security Contribution
  • Status
  • Job Status
  • Tenure From
  • Tenure To
  • Annual Insurable Earnings


Figure 7: Employee Electronic Record – Contributions

The Contributions Tab will show all relevant information regarding Contributions made by or on behalf of an Employee.  All of the information will automatically flow from the Contributions Filing and Payment Management module in Interact SSAS.  The following information will be displayed:

  • Filing Type
  • Employer Name
  • ESSRN of the Employer
  • Contribution Return Filing Date
  • Contribution Return Period
  • Total Contribution Amount
  • Adjustment Made to the Filing
  • Insurable Earnings
  • Status

Benefit Claims

Figure 8: Employee Electronic Record – Benefit Claims

Benefit Claims which have been filed through the Employee’s e-Services (or were filed manually and entered by a user at the Social Security Administration), can be seen in a summary overview under the Employee’s Electronic Record so that the user has immediate access and insight into the summary.  If further detail is required they can drill-down and view the underlying claim transaction.

The Benefit Claims tab shows the following information:

  • Serial Number
  • Claim number
  • Claim Date
  • Benefit Entitlement Policy
  • Beneficiary Group
  • Claim Logged Office
  • Claim Processed Office
  • Claim Administrator
  • Claim Amount
  • Claim Status

Accrued Credits

Figure 9: Employee Electronic Record – Accrued Credits

The Accrued Credits which are earned as a result of contributions paid into the social security system, will be shown in various reports but are also visible immediately on the Employee’s Electronic Record for any user who needs to be able to access this information.

This form shows the following details regarding Accrued Credits:

  • ESSRN of the Employer
  • Employer Name
  • Filing Period
  • Processed Period
  • Accrued Credits Awarded
  • Accrued Credits Earned
  • Accrued Credits Total

Medical Visits

Figure 10: Employee Electronic Record – Medical Visits

Details on Medical Visits are captured in the system in order to justify various Medical Benefits, including Sickness Benefits, Maternity Benefits, Invalidity and/or Disability Benefits.  For this reason, the diagnosis reported by a Healthcare Provider will be transmitted directly from the doctor to the Social Security Administration.  If required, the information can be available on the Employee Electronic Record online with access to more detailed reporting for authorized users.

The summary view includes:

  • Healthcare Provider
  • Visit Number
  • Visit Date
  • Visit Time
  • Visit Status
  • Diagnosis
  • Medical Benefit Required

Bank Details

Figure 11: Employee Electronic Record – Bank Details

This tab will display the Bank Accounts on record for the Employee, showing both Active and Inactive ones.  The system lists the following columns:

  • Bank Name
  • Branch Name
  • Account Number
  • Account Name
  • Account Status

Certificate of Life

Figure 12: Employee Electronic Record – Certificate of Life

Certificates of Life are required for Pensioners to continue receiving their Pension.  The system therefore keeps track of exactly which Certificate has been filed when and how it was verified.  The details shown in the summary include the following:

  • Type
  • Pension Type
  • Claim Number
  • Not Later Than Month & Date
  • Not Later Than Year
  • Request Date
  • Status

Benefit Payments

Figure 13: Employee Electronic Record – Benefit Payments

Any Benefit Payments processed in the system will automatically be displayed in the Employee Electronic Record for easy reference of the user.  The Benefit Payment details shown in the summary include the following:

  • Claim Number
  • Claim Date
  • Pay Cycle
  • Benefit Payment Period
  • Benefit Type
  • Benefit Payment Number
  • Benefit Payment Amount
  • Benefit Payment Method
  • Bank
  • Account Number


Social Security Number Change History

Figure 14: Social Security Number Change History

The final tab in the Employee Electronic Record covers the Social Security Number Change History.  This particular tab will show any changes which occurred to an individual’s Social Security Number and the records for it so that a user within the Social Security Administration who needs to quickly verify a related matter can view the summary in an instant.

The system displays the following information:

  • SSNA Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Issued By
  • Issued Date
  • Reason for Changing SSN
  • Approval Status
  • Issuance Status

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