Employer Electronic Record

Employer Electronic Record

One of the key advantages of Interact SSAS is that it is an “all-in-one” suite of products, where all core functionality needed by Social Security Administrations is available out of the box in one single platform without the need for any interfaces between different modules.

As a result, all data which is captured through any of the modules can be available in any other module when required.

The Employer Electronic Record brings together all relevant information from across the system in regards to Employers registered with the Social Security Administration.  It is a “multi-tab” electronic form which give instant access to any data that has already been collected on the Employer previously as well as any data that is produced by the system as a result of transactions processed.

The Employer Electronic Record consists of the following tabs:

  • General
  • ESSRN Application
  • Employees
  • Contribution Returns
  • Contribution Payments
  • Bank Accounts
  • Penalties
  • Contribution Liabilities
  • Notices
  • Dormancy Details
  • Arrears Details
  • Audits
  • Court Orders
  • Lawsuits
  • Legal Actions
  • Legal Action Notices



Figure 1: Employer Electronic Record – General

The General tab provides in a single view all relevant numbers such as EIN and ESSRN number, the address and contact information but also details on the authorized representative for the firm, economic activity classification and a set of corporate documents that were attached during registration of the Employer.

ESSRN Application

Figure 2: Employer Electronic Record – ESSRN Application

The ESSRN Application provides the original record of the Employer Social Security Registration Number Application which was submitted upon registration of the Employer.  As with all listings in Interact SSAS, the system will first list a summary and the user can then click on the details to see the full detailed long form of the ESSRN Application.


Figure 3: Employer Electronic Record – Employees

The next tab in the Employer Electronic Record gives details about the Employees which are associated with the Employer.  This ensures that anyone in the Social Security Administration who needs to see a listing of a particular Employer’s Employees can find them instantly.  Note that listing offers filters and search boxes to search for any particular employee based on any criteria.

The detailed employee listing includes the following columns:

  • Social Security Number
  • Employee Name
  • Employee Group
  • Birth Date
  • Age
  • Place of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Job Title
  • Employment Start Date
  • Employment End Date
  • Pay Frequency
  • Monthly Earning
  • Quarterly Earning
  • Annual Earning
  • Employee Status

Contribution Returns

Figure 4: Employer Electronic Record – Contribution Return

The Contribution Returns brings together all information about (Salary &) Contribution Filings and contains each and every filing that has been processed by the Employer before.  It offers immediate access to a summary screen with further ability to drill down into the detailed filing itself so the user can find anything required.

The summary screen for Contribution Filings provides searchable columns for:

  • Period
  • Period Type
  • Period Start Date
  • Period End Date
  • Period Status
  • Contribution Return Number
  • Contribution Return Filing Date
  • Return Filing Status
  • Return Period Number of Employees
  • Return Period Total Earnings
  • Return Period Total Amount
  • Return Total Earnings Year Date


Contribution Payments


Figure 5: Employer Electronic Record – Contribution Payments

In the next tab under the Employer Electronic Record you’ll find the Contribution Payments.  Again, you’ll be able to see a summary listing with the most vital information which most users may want to access instantly when they are trying to verify some information.  If more details is required, the user can click and drill-down into the underlying transaction (i.e. the Contribution Payment receipt) or they can find additional information in related reports.

The Contribution Payments tab provides summary columns which are searchable on the following items:

  • Return Period
  • Period Type
  • Return Period Start Date
  • Return Period End Date
  • Return Period Status
  • Payment Number
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Status
  • Return Period Total Amount
  • Return Period Payment Amount
  • Return Period Liability
  • Total Payments Year to Date

Bank Accounts

Figure 6: Employer Electronic Record – Bank Account

Employers can have multiple Bank Accounts and all the accounts will be listed under the Bank Account tab.  This provides details on:

  • Account Number
  • Bank Name
  • Branch Name
  • Default Account Selection
  • Bank Account Status




Figure 7: Employer Electronic Record – Penalties

If an Employer has been subject to any Penalties for Late Filing or Late Payment of Contributions, these Penalties will have been assessed through the system and added to the outstanding amounts/liabilities.  The information will be available in different areas in the system but will also be consolidated in the Employer Electronic Record.

The system displays the following information for any Penalties:

  • Contribution Return Period
  • Contribution Return Period Type
  • Contribution Return Period Start Date
  • Contribution Return Period End Date
  • Contribution Return Period Status
  • Penalty Number
  • Penalty Type
  • Penalty Date
  • Penalty Amount
  • Penalty Status
  • Contribution Return Period Total Penalty Amount
  • Contribution Return Period Payment Amount
  • Contribution Return Period Payment Liability
  • Contribution Return Total Payments Year-to-Date
  • Total Penalties Year-to-Date

Contribution Liabilities


Figure 8: Employer Electronic Record – Contribution Liabilities

If the Employer has any outstanding Contribution Liabilities, they will be listed here, as usual, in summary form, with more information available either through drill-down or in a separate report.

The Contribution Liabilities will list:

  • Return Period
  • Return Filing Date
  • Contribution Return Dues
  • Payment Date
  • Amount Paid
  • Penalty Type
  • Penalty Reason
  • Penalty Amount
  • Total Liability


Figure 9: Employer Electronic Record – Notices

Employers who have received official Notices from the Social Security Administration will receive them in their own e-Services portal (and by email) but the same notices will also be available for immediate viewing for any authorized user within the Social Security Administration.

This includes the following columns:

  • Notice Date
  • Notice Type
  • Notice Reason
  • Notice Message

Dormancy Details

Figure 10: Employer Electronic Record – Dormancy Details

It is important for the Social Security Administration to be able to track the status of all Employers and determine whether a certain Employer is still Active or whether they have become Inactive or Dormant.  If the Employer’s status changes Dormant, it will show in the Employer- Dormancy Details Tab with Start and End Date so there is a clear record on when the status changed and for which period.

Arrears Details

Figure 11: Employer Electronic Record – Arrears Details

In order for Collection Officers to be able to manage Accounts Receivables from Employers, it is important that they have easy access to summary and detail information regarding all Arrears information for an Employer

The Arrears Details tab contains the following columns:

  • SL Number
  • Employer Number
  • Arrear Amount
  • Date of Arrears
  • Due Interest on Arrears
  • Arrears Penalties



Figure 12: Employer Electronic Record – Audits

With Compliance being a key responsibility of the Social Security Administration, there is an entire Compliance Management module in Interact SSAS.  This is where you will manage the various types of Audits, Audit Scopes, Legal Actions and Court Cases which may result from Non-Compliance.

The summary of the Audits which have been conducted for a particular Employer will be listed in the above tab which is readily available under the Employer Electronic Record.

You can find the following searchable columns there:

  • Audit Number
  • Audit Year
  • Audit Period
  • Region
  • District
  • City
  • Audit Officer ID
  • Audit Officer Name
  • Audit Officer Phone Number
  • Number of Employees Assigned
  • Regions Assigned
  • Employer ID
  • Employer Name
  • Employer Contact Person
  • Contact Person Phone
  • Scheduled Audit Date
  • Scheduled Audit Start Time

From here, the detailed Audit Report with Findings will be available with the click of a button.


Figure 13: Employer Electronic Record – Lawsuits

If there are any Lawsuits which have been filed against the Employer due to Non-Compliance, the user in the Social Security Administration can view an immediate history of them online in the Employer Electronic Record.  This will show:

  • Lawsuit Name
  • Employer Name
  • Lawsuit Year
  • Region District City

Additional information regarding the exact Lawsuits will be available in the Compliance module.

Legal Actions

Figure 11: Employer Electronic Record – Legal Action

If any Legal Actions have been taken against the Employer, this information will be shown under the Legal Actions tab with the following detail columns:

  • Legal Action Number
  • Legal Officer ID
  • Legal Officer Name
  • Audit Number Filter
  • Region
  • District
  • City
  • Audit Officer
  • Audit Date
  • Audit Reason
  • Audit Status
  • Legal Action
  • Legal Action Date
  • Number of Legal Action Notices
  • First Legal Action Notice Date
  • Last Legal Action Notice Date
  • Status


Legal Action Notices

Figure 12: Employer Electronic Record – Legal Action Notices

The Legal Action Notices which will have been sent in relation to each Legal Action will be viewable to the authorized user at the Social Security Administration in the Employer Electronic Record, this includes:

  • Notice Number
  • Notice Date
  • Notice Type
  • Arrears Amount
  • Date of Arrears
  • Arrears Penalties
  • Date Sent to Employer
  • Status
  • Copy of Legal Action Notice


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