1. Interact HRMS Implementation – Goals & Objectives

    Implementation Goals The primary goal of an Interact HRMS Implementation is the setup of Interact HRMS software to reflect the organization structure, operation, and its HR and Payroll policies to enable the end users to process HR Actions and transactions and to run the payroll for its employees. Such a setup needs to be conducted in accordance to specific quality standard including: Timeliness – Keep in mind that the implementation is successful if it meets specific predefined timetable that meets the client and provider expectation. Effectiveness – The implementation is successful if the outcome of the implementation is effective in a sense that it meets and exceeds client’s expectations in terms of capturing the organization structure and its policies and the ability to process all HR actions, leave, time and attendance and payroll transactions without major effort as well as enabling the client to comply with local, state, and federal labor...
  2. Interact HRMS Implementation – Overview

    Interact HRMS is an enterprise HRMS software with more than seventy (70) integrated applications that cover all aspects of HR and Payroll business within an organization. Interact HRMS software can be implemented for a single employer/company in a single country or for multiple employers across the global. Interact HRMS is a Ready-Made software, and is not custom-built application. Interact HRMS is flexible enough to support most client policies using setup parameters, however, and since it is Ready-Made, it is not going to mimic what the client does. It is important to understand the difference between “What Is Suppose to be Produced, the end Result”, and “How the result is Produced”. Interact HRMS Implementation scope depends on the configuration of the software as purchased by the Client and the number of companies and countries in which the software is to be implemented. Our basic philosophy is to keep things “Simple” and...

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