Position Budgeting and Control

Position Budgeting and Control allows Organization Units to issue headcount requests by filling in Position Budget Worksheets online and submitting them for Review. Once the Position Budget is approved, Position Slots will be created each with their detailed Compensation Elements. Position Slots can then be filled once Requisitions have been raised against them. A powerful Grade & Step system allows the user to define Salary Grades and Steps and use Min, Max or Mid salary as a basis for budgeting. Grade and Step based Salary Structures can be defined which include Seniority, Education level and Job Title to provide the most granular and detailed Salary Structure. Budgets can be made based on both Position budgets as well as Financial budgets. Position Budgeting and Control and tightly integrated with Compensation & Payroll Management, Recruitment Management, Employee Self-Service and Organization Unit Self Service.

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