Social Security Number Management and Tracking

One very important responsibility of Social Security Administrations is to issue Social Security Numbers and IDs, track them and manage them to make sure they are used for the right purpose and any abuse of the Social Security Number is quickly tracked and addressed.

The Social Security ID Management consists of several aspects:

  • Issuing and Tracking Social Security Numbers
  • Issuing and Tracking Temporary Social Security Numbers
  • Managing Conversion of Temporary Social Security Numbers into Permanent Social Security Numbers
  • Issuing and Tracking Employer Identification Numbers
  • Issuing and Tracking Employer Social Security Registration Numbers
  • Tracking Intercountry Union Person Numbers
  • Issuing Social Security ID Cards
  • Ensuring that all Social Security Data is Associated with the Correct Social Security Number and ID

SSA Supports Social Security Number Issuance which is produced for Employees, Voluntary Contributors and Self-Employed Persons. It can be generated automatically by the system upon approval of a Person Registration or can be Requested Separately by the User, this depends on the Configuration of the Setup and based on each Client’s Requirement.

The formatting and configuration of these numbers is fully flexible and done in the setup of Interact SSAS, below are a few examples of this to see how the format and structure of Social Security Numbers, Temporary Social Security Numbers, Employer Social Security Registration Numbers and Employer Identification Numbers are defined:

Figure 1: General Setup – Number Structures

Below you can also see how Intercountry Union Person IDs are configured in case the country is subject to Intercountry Union Reciprocity rules.

Figure 2: General Setup – Intercountry Union Person ID Structure Setup

SSN Number Requests are created in two ways: either they are initiated by a Social Security Administration user, or they are the result of an Employee who registers for Employment the first time (in countries where SSN’s are only assigned upon first employment and not prior to that).

The most basic way for a Social Security Number Request to be issued therefore is based on an Employee who registers with an Employer for the first time, using the Employee Registration with Employer form as shown below:

Figure 3: Registration as Employee with Employer

The above form is used for individuals to register themselves with an Employer so that the Social Security Administration is informed of their connection with this Employer.

Figure 4: [Continued] Employee Registration with Employer

The above form shows the continuation of the Employee Registration with Employer with additional demographic information being captured as well as employment related information such as the name of the employer, occupation, employment start date and salary details.

Once the above form has been filed, the Employer will be notified on their own e-Services portal and can access all Employee registrations which have been filed by new employees, so that the information can be confirmed and sent on to the Social Security Administration.

Figure 5: Employer e-Services Portal

After the Employer has reviewed and approved the Application for Registration as an Employee it is sent (posted) to the Social Security Administration for processing.

If the Employee registering with the Employer does not yet have a Social Security Number, the Application for Registration as an Employee will be converted into a Social Security Number Application by the system and appear on the dashboard for the Social Security Administration user to process.

Figure 6: Social Security Administration User

Figure 7: Social Security Number Application (converted from Employee Registration)

After processing, the individual will be assigned a Social Security Number which will be used for all transactions related to Social Security for this individual.

Figure 8: Employee Electronic Record with Social Security Number

For cases where the individual needs to be assigned a Temporary Social Security Number in order to safeguard data integrity and ensure that no records are mixed up with the wrong person, Interact SSAS supports assigning a Temporary Social Security Number and later converting this Temporary SSN to a Permanent SSN.

Figure 9: Voluntary Contributor Social Security Number Application

The above Figure 9 shows an example of a Social Security Number Application being processed whereby the Social Security Administration user processing the application is assigning a Temporary Social Security Number as the existing SSN is Suspended for this Voluntary Contributor.

Note the unique format and structure of the Temporary Social Security Number, to ensure it is easily recognized and can be taken into account by administrators when processing transactions.

Figure 10: Converting Temporary Social Security Number to Permanent

After the request to Convert a Temporary Social Security Number to Permanent has been approved, the authorized user in the Social Security Administration will be able to issue the new Social Security Number for the Voluntary Contributor as shown below.

Figure 11: Social Security Number Application Processing

Similar processes exist for Employers who are issued Employer Social Security Registration Numbers and Employer Identification Numbers.

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SSN Application

SSN Application

  • SSN Application
  • Submitted by Individuals
  • Workflow Driven
  • User Defined Fields and Format
  • Seamlessly Integrated with Registration Process


The SSN application can be created internally using system login or can apply by individuals using eService Page.

1. The Social Security Number Application will come in “Social Security Number Application” under the Dashboard. The Number of Pending SSN Applications will be shown in red color.

2. Click on it to find the applications.

3. A new grid “Social Security Number Application” will open on the right side, where you can find the new SSN Applications. The applications in bold font are those that have not been reviewed.

4. The application from Employee, Self Employed and Voluntary Contributor will be displayed here. All the individuals have the same SSN approval and issuance process.

5. Click on the “Application Number” to view the application details.

6. A new page with open where you can review application and Approve, Issues or Reject SSN. (Example of Voluntary Contributor SSN application is in Figure 33)

7. To Reject SSN, follow the steps in Rejecting SSN Application

8. To Approve SSN, follow the steps in Approving and Issuing SSN Application

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EIN Application

EIN Applications are used by Employers to request an Employer Identification Number from the Social Security Administration.  While this process differs in each country, usually each Employer will need a unique identification number which will be used whenever the Employer conducts any transactions related to Social Security.

Interact SSAS is a portal application so the application for Employer Identification Number can be submitted online by an Employer using their e-Services Portal Access.

Alternatively, in cases where an Employer still prefers to send in or bring a hardcopy form to the Social Security Administration, this can of course be entered into the system by a user in the Social Security Office.

Key Features of the EIN Application:

  • Form Used to Issue an Employer Identification Number.
  • Seamlessly Integrated with Employer’s Profile to Minimize Data Entry.
  • Ability to Attach any Number of Supporting Documents.
  • Ability to Capture any Data, including Details on Owners & Officers
  • Unique EIN Number Generated by System Based on Configurable Structure & Logic
  • Fully Workflow Driven Process.

Create an EIN Application

    • Employer can Submit EIN Application through e-Services

In the above figure you can see the Employer eServices Portal where an Employer can access the EIN Application in the top left menu to initiate the process.

The above figure shows a new EIN Application Form initiated by the Employer through the Employer e-Services which can then be filled in by the Employer and submitted.

    • SSA Officer User can find a table / List with all EIN Applications Submitted through the system.
    • User can use the search fields to select an Employer or Press “New” to add new EIN Application.

  • User can Use Edit Button to Edit the Request or delete Button to delete it.

Once the EIN Application has been Received and Approved by the Social Security Administration, the Social Security Administration User can Issue an Employer Identification Number as shown below:


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Convert Temporary SSN to Permanent

In many cases, Social Security Administrations face the reality that there will still be some paper records in use which are filled in manually by the general public during a transition period until all interactions are done online only using e-Services.

In order to process such paper records efficiently in a social security administration, there may occasionally be a need to use "temporary" or "suspense" numbers to basically "park" the information until further investigation can be done and the information can be linked with the correct individual.  This is primarily the case when the information provided by a claimant or employer is not complete, not legible or inaccurate.

The same also applies in case the number used is suspended or expired for whichever reason and needs to be cleared up first before it can be used for regular social security transactions.

In such cases, the administration can assign a temporary social security number to an individual until it determines the correct permanent number with which the information should be linked.

  • Online Form for Converting the Temporary / Previous SSN of an Individual to a Permanent Social Security Number.
  • Submitted by Individuals or by SSA Internal User.
  • Workflow Driven.
  • Seamlessly Integrated with SSN applications and Individuals’ Profiles.
  • Allows Processing to Continue even when SSN is not 100% Known


In the general setup, the user can choose to activate the use of temporary SSN's by checking "Enable Temporary SSN" and then selecting whether to have the number generated automatically by the system or entered manually.  In case it will be generated automatically, the structure, prefix and starting number can be set.  The color to display all Temporary numbers is also configurable so they stand out for anyone looking at the SSN.

If the above Temporary SSN function is enabled, then a user can assign a Temporary SSN to an individual when required using the normal SSN Application Process and selecting "Temporary".

After processing the above, the individual will have a unique Temporary SSN number assigned:

Once the Temporary SSN has been assigned, Employers and others can process transactions using the Temporary SSN until the matter has been cleared up, after which the Permanent SSN can be assigned to replace the Temporary SSN.

Below you can see how an employer uses the Temporary SSN of the employee to file contributions for the filing period.

When the Social Security Administration has determined which Permanent SSN needs to be assigned to the Employee, then they can do so with this simple process of "Converting Temporary SSN to Permanent SSN".

    • Social Security Administration User can find “Convert Temporary SSN to Permanent” List which includes all Pending and Approved Applications.

    • User can add the reason for changing SSN and select Officer who issued the New SSN and New SSN Issue date and then click ”Save” button to save the application.

  • “Post” button will be activated, and user will click on it towards issuing the permanent SSN through SSN Application form.
  • Follow the steps as Approving and Issuing SSN Application to issue the SSN.
  • After Approval, the new SSN will be created for the applicant and his Profile will be automatically updated accordingly.

Updating a pending Application

    • By Clicking on “update” icon beside the application that needs to be updated in “Convert Temporary SSN to Permanent List”, the selected form will open. Make necessary changes and click “Save” button.

Deleting Pending Application

  • SSA user can delete a request by clicking on “Delete” icon beside the application that he/she needs to delete in the “Convert Temporary SSN to Permanent List” table list.

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