Medical Record Management

Medical Record Management

Since Interact SSAS provides a single suite of modules which are all seamlessly integrated to streamline the processes of Social Security Administrations.  This also applies to how Medical Records are managed as they can be crucial in determining eligibility for specific Medical Benefits.

Typically Medical Benefits include:

  • Sickness Benefits
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Disability Benefits
  • Invalidity Benefits

In each case, a doctor will need to provide a Diagnosis and file it with the Social Security Administration so that this information can be treated confidentially and reviewed to ensure eligibility of a Claimant for the Benefit that is Claimed.

Lastly, the system also provides a Medical Referee feature which allows the Social Security Officer to request another Opinion for a specific case in order to pay a Benefit Claim. The user can select a specific Medical Practitioner to be a referee.

Figure 1: Medical Doctor e-Services Home Screen

Before an individual can claim any type of Medical Benefit, they will need to first have an (approved) Medical Certificate in the system which needs to be submitted together with the Medical Benefit Claim.

In order to have this in the system, the individual will need to visit with a medical doctor who can enter the Patient Visit directly into the system so that the information will be validated immediately and is ready for submission with the Medical Claim.

In the above screenshot you can see the Medical Doctor’s home screen where they will access the Patient/Medical Visit menu to be able to fill in the appropriate Medical Certificate.

Figure 2: Medical / Healthcare Provider Certificate

In Figure 2 you can see the Medical Certificate as completed by the doctor, indicating the diagnosis, the visit details and the recommended Medical Benefit as well as the Start and End Date of the Incapacity Period as per the doctor’s finding.

This same Certificate and any other follow up information will be on record with the Social Security Administration and will build a Medical Profile for the Individual which can be used by Doctors or Medical Boards in charge of reviewing important claims for Medical Benefits.

A summary of the information will also be available on the Employee Electronic Record as shown below.


Medical Visits 

Figure 3: Employee Electronic Record – Medical Visits

Details on Medical Visits are captured in the system in order to justify various Medical Benefits, including Sickness Benefits, Maternity Benefits, Invalidity and/or Disability Benefits.  For this reason, the diagnosis reported by a Healthcare Provider will be transmitted directly from the doctor to the Social Security Administration.  If required, the information can be available on the Employee Electronic Record online with access to more detailed reporting for authorized users.

The summary view includes:

  • Healthcare Provider
  • Visit Number
  • Visit Date
  • Visit Time
  • Visit Status
  • Diagnosis
  • Medical Benefit Required

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