Unified Employee Electronic Record

The Unified Employee Electronic Record (UEER) brings together all details from the entire HRIS which relate to a specific employee. No longer will an HR officer have to go back to papers and spreadsheets once the data has been properly captured in InteractHRM. The UEER provides you with an easy-to-use multi-tab form that includes General Details, Education, Skills, Experience, Job Details, Leave, Competency Evaluations, Performance Reviews,
Career Plans, Training Records and Succession Plans. In addition, a second level of data is available at the user’s fingertips, to pull up the complete History (all Transfers, Promotions, Compensation Changes, Deductions, and Contract Amendments), in addition, at this level you can find with a click-of-the-mouse the Employee’s Work Schedule and Holiday Schedule, the Timesheet and Attendance Sheet, the Payroll Details and Payroll Audit report related to this particular employee, Emergency Contact Details, Address Information, Passport Details (Visa, Passport, Dependents), as well as a generic list of other items under the Miscellaneous header which can be tracked based on the business in which the application is used including Certifications, Military Service Records, Security Credentials, Patents, Publications, Speaking Events, Associations, Languages, Medical Records and any other Supporting Material which needs to be attached to the Employee Electronic Record.

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