Leave Management

Leave Management allows the user to create any number of Leave Policies, link them to Leave Earnings, and associate them with specific Employee Groups. Leave/PTO/Vacation time can then be requested through Employee Self-Service and approved by Supervisors. Employees will be able to see the balance of Leave available to them on their MyPage. Leave policies can be setup with different Approval workflows depending on the type of Leave. Leave Plans can be setup to allow Supervisors and Employees to view the Approved Leaves of other Team or Org Unit members and allow for more efficient Planning of Leave by avoiding two Employees requesting Leave in the same period when at least one of them should be on the job to ensure continuity of operations.
Leave Management is highly configurable and entirely policy-based allowing the user to define the correct policies prevalent in their company regardless of industry and even country. Leave Policies include Accrual Rules, which can be based Seniority, Age or Grade of the Employee and can vary among Employee Groups and Organization Units. Leave Management is tightly integrated with Compensation and Payroll Management, Employee Self Service, but also with Benefits Management and other modules.

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