Hiring & Onboarding

InteractHRM supports not only regular Employees but will allow you to track any other type of Employees including Temporary Employees, Part-Time Employees, Independent Contractors etc.  Contract and Hiring managements allows the Company to define unlimited Types and Templates of Employment Offers and Employment Contracts with specific attributes like default contract period, and associated Jobs or Employee Groups.  Contracts can be tracked, alerts can be received for expiry of contracts and amendments will be tracked for any changes to the contract.  Hiring & Contract Management is directly integrated with the Recruitment Management so new Applicant data is immediately transferred to the Employee Electronic Record and there is no need to reenter this data.  It is also integrated with On-boarding Management and Probation Period Management to ensure that the new Employee will be properly assisted during the initial Employment Period and if there is a Probationary Period in place it will be tracked correctly.

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