Attendance and Access Control

The Advanced Attendance and Access Control management module offers a powerful bi-directional interface to a range of Biometric Clock Terminals with Card, Fingerprint and Facial Recognition as identification.  Clocks are updated automatically with Employee details, Transfers and  Work Hours.  Timecards are polled from the Terminals based on a predefined Schedule, with Alerts and Workflows which can be used to handle Timesheet Review, Edit and Approval.  Employees can log in through Self Service and verify their Attendance records, and Supervisors or Project Managers can log in and Edit or Approve In/Out Time Cards.  Time Cards can be set to include Activity information or be used without.  The application can alert the user to any missing transactions (missing Clock In or Clock Out) or any exceptions which need review prior to posting to Payroll.  Through the use of Resources Scheduling the application automatically can determine if an Employee has worked the correct shift or has arrived or left early or late.

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