Garnishment Management

Garnishment Management is a powerful solution to assist the user in managing Garnishments.  Define any type and class of Garnishment, track Court Orders or Tax Agency Orders in favor of Spouse, Tax Agency or Creditor.   Attach scanned documents and track all relevant information regarding a Garnishment Order.  Garnishment Management is seamlessly integrated with Payroll management and therefore ensures that the correct amounts are withheld from an Employee’s Wages or Salary up to the legal limit that is applicable by Federal and State Law.  Alerts will be sent to the appropriate Employee, Supervisor, or HR/Payroll user when an amount has been withheld or a specific target amount has been reached.  Built-in Workflow ensures that correct Approvals are obtained for the Payroll Officer to process the Garnishments.  Any number and type of Payees can be created and payments of withheld amounts will be processed automatically by Check or Electronic Payment.

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