End of Employment Planning

End of Employment Planning or Offboarding, is a comprehensive module to manage the process of Ending an Employee or Contractor’s Employment or Contract.    End of Employment Planning allows the user to create plans for Employees or Contractors whose Employment/Contract with the Employer will be Ending.  In order to make the transition smooth, Employers will be able to create End of Employment Plans which will manage all the End of Employment Activities and allow for the creation of an End of Employment Activity Checklist, the management of Exit Interviews and the scheduling and management of Handover Activities.  There are no limits in terms of type and number of End of Employment Activities which can be created as part of the End of Employment Checklist, or the number and types of activities which can be defined to manage the Handover process.  Employees and all actors involved in the Exit Interviews, Handover of Project Activities and other End of Employment Activities will be notified through Email Alerts and can view their pending Activities through Self Service.  Exit Interviews can be custom-built with specific Questions and Question Groups which can be responded to through Self-Service.

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