Performance Management

Performance Management allows the user to manage the entire Performance Management Cycle, starting from defining Performance Plans (in collaboration with Supervisors and Colleagues if required), then Reviewing/Approving the Plan and then creating the Performance Appraisal. Performance Plans and Appraisals can be conducted by any number of Actors playing any Role in the system, based on the user-defined logic. Performance Plans can consist of Goals, Competencies, Internal Factors, Hay Factors and user-defined Elements. The Performance Review Cycle and Period is flexible and the content of the Performance Reviews, the Measurement Standards and Weight accorded to each Component is fully user-defined. Performance Management is integrated with all other Talent Management modules, in addition to Probation Management. There are no limits as to how many Performance Appraisals can be conducted for a specific Employee or how frequently they can be conducted.
In addition to the general Performance Plan and Appraisal, the user can define Client Engagement Plans and Appraisals which enable the user to create specific Plans for a limited area of responsibility for an Employee. For example, a sales person may have a few key strategic accounts for which she is responsible, and the company may decide to give the sales person a specific set of Goals to be measured on in relation to the performance on this particular account and this will be measured separately from the general Appraisal of the Employee’s overall Performance. Or a consultant may be responsible for a number of projects throughout the year and for each project the consultant may be supervised by another manager who is directly involved with the project and will provide specific goals to be achieved and appraise the consultant based on this agreed upon Plan.

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