Recruitment Management

Full cycle Recruitment Management starting with Requisitions issued at the Organization Unit level, which will be reviewed and approved by HR, subsequently Applications will be received online through the recruitment portal for the newly created vacancies. These applications will be reviewed and approved and then sent for Assessment, and subsequent Interviews. Once the Interviews have been successfully completed, the Applicant can be sent an Offer Letter and after acceptance of the Offer, an Employment Contract can be issued. Any number of Assessments and Interviews can be scheduled and these Assessments and Interviews will be based on standardized Assessment and Interview sheets. Interview sheets will include Interview Questions which are Job Specific and have been defined earlier in the Job Classification.
Through the use of Self-Service, the Recruitment process becomes a collaborative process between the HR Department, Managers, Employees and Applicants who can all view information which will speed up the entire Recruitment cycle. No need for sending each other resumes/cv’s or losing track of a great Applicant since everything and everyone will be recorded in the Recruitment application, which means Organization Unit Heads, Managers, Employees and HR Departments will be able to search for a particular Applicant also using specific keywords.

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